Monday, June 7, 2010

Cell Phone Camera Pictorial: Living

My apartment!

Guess which shelf is mine? Hint it's the one with food in it. I swear to god, my French roommates only eat twice a week, and then it's almond milk with sauteed corn and organic kale and endives or something ridiculous. You're making me look bad, people.

Louis, my curdling buddy! Marie and Greg found him abandoned in a park in France, and he's one of the friendliest dogs I've ever met. So delightful, although slightly annoying. The overly ebullient demeanor is acceptable though because he can stand on two legs for a solid 45 seconds. Yesterday I tried to pick him up from under the bathroom sink and he hugged my leg for a minute. I almost didn't have the heart to let him go. Almost. Hey, teeth need to be brushed, Louis.

"Wait, you need quarters to use the washer and dryer?" MacGyvered that one.

View from the roof of the apartment: Manhattan skyline up top, White Castle below

Plate from the Party exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The entire piece, which is a large room with a triangular dinner table highlighting 70 feminists from throughout history with customized name mats and vulvae-inspired plates as a way to reclaim women's traditional role in the kitchen and domestic space, was really well done, but this place setting was my favorite. Emily Dickinson is a champ. I've always wanted a "hope is a thing with feathers" tattoo, right after the "I am, I am, I am" tattoo.

Diorama at the American Museum of National History. The exhibit on soil composition throughout the US was great, too, as was the Islamic art and literature section, but those weren't as fun to photograph.

Shirt at the craft fair in McCarren Gardens. Text:

A Cave is a natural underground void large enough for a human to enter. Some people suggest that the term "cave" should only apply to cavities that at some point...[text becomes illegible at that point in my other picture. Burden.]

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