Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Fresh So Clean

This weekend/week has been truly eventful, but before we delve any further into the happenings, the 411, the what's what of 11238, I got a haircut!

As you can see, it's both cut and colored, because Craigslist is god's sign to humans that hesheitwhatever exists. I originally responded to a beauty school student's ad for a free cut and/or color, but when I hadn't heard back from her, I snapped up the opportunity for a free angled bob at Paul LaBrecque in the Upper East Side, which is this totally ritzy, over-the-top, Gossip Girl-esque salon whose haircuts set you back, at the very least, $80. It's $500 if Paul himself cuts your hair. So you can imagine I was feeling pretty swanky as I sat in my robe, surrounded by New York City socialites, debating whether or not I wanted a complimentary beverage from the ESPRESSO BAR:

Spectacular. Anyways, Tam, the hairstylist, was doing her final training on A-line bobs, and she did a fantastic job. When I got back to the apartment, I checked my email and had a response from Erica, the beauty school student, saying that she could cut or color my hair. So the next day I headed to Empire Beauty School as a brunette, and walked out a sassy almost-redhead. I love the color. Absolutely adore it. I wish I were going to be in New York longer/needed another haircut soon, because Erica not only did a phenomenal job, but was a blast to sit with for almost three hours. If you ever need a haircut and you're in the area, I highly recommend her. I normally hate talking to people when they're cutting my hair, but she was bubbly and hysterical and talked about things in extended metaphors, which are all great qualities. She was also five months pregnant, and I've really taken to pregnant people lately. Maybe it's because Jodi, my boss at Girl Scouts, is pregnant and I'm obsessed with how awesome Jodi is, but women who are pregnant (and chose to be pregnant) are so giddy and excited about their future baby, and I like when people get giddy and excited about things. Anyways, so now I have a fun new haircut, and what better place to say "Look out world, I have a bouncy, auburn bob and I'm not afraid to use it/strut it around town!" than the United Nations building?



  1. your photobooth skills are as sharp as ever

  2. you mean like these masterpieces?