Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Greetings from Richmond! I'm home for the rest of the summer, so posts are going to be few and far between, since I am no longer traveling, but rather doing yoga, laying out at the pool, playing Mario Golf and Scrabble, and drinking Arnold Palmers, pretty much exclusively. In case you were wondering, this is where the blogging/caving/MAGIC happens:

believe it or not, it's pretty much always this neat, which is astonishing, considering my dorm looked like it was the weekend all week/semester/year long

and these are the crazy kids I live with:

SHaack, Little CHaack, Big CHaack, THaack

Snoopy, AKA Snoo, Snooey, Snoo Boo, Boo Boo, Puppy Face, etc.

I'll try to capture more of the suburban magic throughout the next month, but until then, here's a fun fact about my neighborhood, Woodlake: If you want to paint your house, or in any way change its exterior, you must first gain approval from the Woodlake Community Association's Architectural Review Board by submitting an application that is in accordance with the 54-page document highlighting design philosophy, regulations, and guidelines. Of course I didn't read the entire thing, but the general idea is that your house cannot be a radically different color, like magenta or screamin' green or something that only Crayola can make, but it also cannot be in the same color family as your neighbor's, as to create the illusion of individual thought. Tricky, right? Also, everyone must have the same mailbox. It was a big to-do a few years ago when the WCA decided that brown mailboxes were out and black mailboxes were in, so everyone had to change and order the mailbox from the same vendor, because god forbid your black mailbox have slightly different measurements or angles or letter-receiving abilities or whatever.

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