Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I hate to gloat, but it must be done: it is pushing 100 degrees in DC today, with a Code Red Air Advisory, while I am hanging out in my apartment (getting ready for International Students Potluck, oh my god just imagine the heady eats that will be there) in jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt with the windows open. It's perfect October weather in August. Speaking of my apartment, here's a glimpse into the Haack Shaack:

not featured: of montreal and gossip girl posters

I've been considering hanging the Gothenburg arms on this wall, but am a bit concerned that it's too much too soon. It could be cool or it could be obnoxious, like wearing a band's t-shirt to its concert (the  band, not the t-shirt). 

Glorious. Other recent glorious things: teaching 70+ international students how to play beer pong and flip cup in the dorm hallway last night, this amazing mosaic in the main university building,

and THE QUAD (well, actually, since the campus is spread throughout the entire city, there are many quads and parks and fun sitting/chilling/ratting places, but this one was the most quad-like).

Please note the sculpture and Zen pond.

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