Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Luck

Today wasn't exactly Sarah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but the universe definitely pulled a few pranks on me. I can see it now, waving its mischievous little finger around and laughing at my misfortune. Bastard! I left for class on time, but realized halfway to the tram stop that I had forgotten my tea (crucial) and tram pass (semi-crucial, since conductors only check for tickets once in a blue moon). It was much too early to move with any sort of celerity and/or determination, so I missed the 8:47 tram. No biggie, the 8:57 would work just fine, and I would only be two minutes late or so. In a striking contrast to WMATA, trams in Gothenburg come regularly and when they say they will, and I have yet to experience a delay or a frustrated wait at a station while ARR blinks on a display board, with no train actually ARR. Until today, that is. The tram stopped close to Central Station for a good 10 minutes for some reason that was explained to passengers in Swedish. Okay, fine, being 10 minutes late to a three hour class is still nothing to fret over.

Class was supposedly held in a different building today, but when I showed up, no one was there. I checked every floor, room, nook, and cranny. I eventually asked someone if classrooms even existed in the building. They do not. I decided to try to turn the day around by taking a nice walk home, and when I went to zip up my hoodie, of course the zipper broke. Thanks, American Apparel. I am currently adding "buy super glue" to my to-do list for this weekend.

I still had a pickup soccer game to look forward to, though, so I headed home, had some lunch (Swedish cheese and crackers, mmmm), and met Jasmien at the fields for some good old fashioned fotboll. It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Honest to god, as soon as the clock struck 1 PM, our meeting time, the clouds rolled in and the skies just completely opened up. I've honestly started carrying around an umbrella with me after getting caught in a torrential downpour one too many times. Soccer obviously did not happen, and I trammed back home, wet and disappointed.

Except for dinner with Jasmien and Katrijn, I stayed in the apartment today in order to avoid any more minor to moderate frustrations and disruptions. The strategy seemed to work, and while I have a few grocery-related bones to pick with the universe (I have Nutella but no bread and a bottle of rosé but no wine glasses), the day is turning around, and I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Also, it made my glorious Scrabble win against THaack that much sweeter:

Nothing cheers me up like playing word games, drinking tea, and talking trash.

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