Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Space Boy Dream

I've officially caught the travel bug. All of my friends here are off having international excurions this week, and as they report back with stories from Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Nottingham, Oslo, Bergen, and Dublin, I can't help but want a little adventure all my own. It seems my subconscious, however, is warning me against all of my fanciful, impractical plans. I have a month for winter break, and I'm very excited about the idea of living on trains, hopping around from city to city and wherever my little heart desires. I was actually tossing around the idea of hitchhiking for a while (sorry, Mom), but on Friday night, I had a dream that night that I was sold into sex trafficking. Great. If that's not a sign to stick to legitimate modes of transportation, then I don't know what is.

I also have a break in classes during the first week of December, and I really wanted to take advantage of the academic hiatus to explore outside of Gothenburg. Much to my delight, Belle & Sebastian are playing in Dublin on December 3, which would be a most heady trip. After making a mismatched yet veritably delicious international feast of sushi and gnocchi with some people last night, I came back to the apartment and spent a few hours looking up transportation costs, hostel options, et cetera et cetera (I know it's a little early to start thinking about, but tickets and reservations are way cheaper the further ahead you book them). With visions of Ryanair and Rail Europe in my head, I went to sleep and dreamt that I had a nightmare trip to Dublin: my travel partner (some random girl?) ditched me at security, I forgot all my chargers, my credit card didn't work and kept showing up under my aunt's name, I hadn't booked a hostel or even bothered to Wiki the city, our plane crashed in Oslo, and when we finally got to Dublin, everyone spoke Gaelic exclusively. I'm still seriously considering the trip, but perhaps with a bit more caution.

Anyways, I vowed this morning (after my alarm went off to Belle & Sebastian, OH THE IRONY) to stay off any travel sites today. I have a pretty heavy amount of readings to do, not to mention my refrigerator hasn't seen produce in a while, so serious studying and grocery shopping are in order. Maybe then I can have innocuous dreams of knowing what open access equilibrium is, eating bananas, and having a glass of red wine.

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