Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When in Rome

How to look like a Swede:

1. Marimekko striped shirt (H&M is also acceptable)

2. Black leggings

It's worth noting that I found this picture (thanks, Google Image) on the blog The Christian Fashionista under a post titled "Can I really make it modest?, part 1." I don't really know WJWD, but I do know that his list of approved activities would not include wearing leggings.

3. White high-top Chucks or black boots

4. Leather jacket (this is imperative*)

If the caption didn't say so, I would never have guessed this was Natalie Portman. Swedishly well played, Natalie. Also, ugh, let me know when you're no longer perfect.

5. Godlike punctuality

6. Resistance to cold weather

It is 35 degrees outside, what are you thinking?

* If nothing else, I am bringing back a leather jacket and a jar of lingonberry jam. So delicious.

1 comment:

  1. great post!! natalie portman is too perfect! if you come back wearing leggings as pants, i am sending you back from the depths of whenst you came!!!!!