Friday, December 10, 2010

Headies, The Prequel

In the words of Liz Lemon, things are happening! I got a little antsy with the blog and decided to switch up the layout, let me know if you dig it. I still need to post about last week's trip to Amsterdam and Leiden, but I'm currently stuck writing a paper on the etymology of Greek and Latin scientific terms (marry me, Oxford English Dictionary), plus there are Christmas cards to write and hotels to book and couches to locate and a Swedish exam to study for and parties to be attended and flea markets to be shopped and hockey games to be watched and laundry to be done and all that jazz. Here's a teaser, though:

To answer your questions: no, I did not take this picture (thanks, Thomas!) because it was really cold outside and I'm delicate and a Temperature Princess and I didn't want to take my mittens off long enough to fish a camera out of my pocket; yes, I know it looks like I was photoshopped into it; no, that is not the Pope; yes, that Dutch person on the left is indeed in blackface because the Netherlands is terrifying and oh yeah, he's (or she, let's not be exclusive here) totally drinking a Heineken at 1 PM.

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