Monday, January 31, 2011

Champagne W-i-i-i-shes, Caviar Dr-e-e-e-ams

I was trying to find a picture of this postcard that I found in Stockholm, which may be the most hysterical postcard ever (definitely better than this gem). The background was the typical Stockholmian (note: not a word) scene, islands dotted with royal buildings and whatnot; in the foreground were the most blatantly photoshopped polar bears swimming in the river with the text ANYTHING  CAN HAPPEN IN SWEDEN word arted (note: not a word) across the top. It was amazing, it got lost in the mail, and it is nowhere to be found on Google image search. However, the search "polar bear stockholm postcard" did bring up this picture, which has nothing to do with the postcard but has everything to do with how I feel about food in Sweden.

WHY DO YOU EAT MEAT FROM A TUBE? This lady also seems befuddled as to why there is a polar bear on the label. That makes two of us.

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