Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Igloo Sweet Igloo

Dear Faithful Readers,

It is currently 10° F in Gothenburg tonight, and probably pretty close to that temperature in my apartment. Sometime yesterday or the day before, my heater broke, and my apartment has slowly been losing heat over the past few days. I am currently wearing heavy sweatpants, two pairs of heavy socks, long underwear (both the leggings and the turtleneck), and a sweatshirt while burrowing under four blankets. My meals have been reduced to soup with a side of hot water. I recognize that this complaining warrants a call to the WAHHHHHm-bulance, dial 9-WAHH-WAHHH (or, in Europe, WAHHH-WAHHHH-2), since many people live on the streets every night in weather worse than this, while I still have, you know, my own apartment in Sweden and friends with heaters and a hot shower and a laptop from which to bitch about the cold apartment, but still, it's really, really cold in here right now. Like, I'm considering sleeping with my laptop on me for warmth. Or turning on the oven tonight. Anyways, if you all don't hear from me in a few days, I have either a) succumbed to hypothermia, b) refused to leave my bathroom, which takes on a sauna-like warmth when the shower's on, and/or c) made poor decisions with candles/the oven. Please check on me. Tack så mycket.

The Peripatetic Peanut

PS- To all my AU readers, I hope that you are raging hard in accordance with the Rage Alert. May your snow days be a blur and the Berks Store be fully stocked.

EDIT: The heater works again! I finally got in touch with the correct people, and the caretaker came and, well, took care of it while I was out today. Oh happy day! I won't have to sleep in a parka tonight! No, seriously, remember this jacket?

That was my pajamas last night, along with a hat, scarf, and gloves. I am going to celebrate by a) spending the entire weekend walking around my apartment in my underwear because I can and b) eating, because I've been on the Too Cold to Make Food diet for the past few days complemented by the Incessant Shivering and Jumping Around for Warmth exercise plan.

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