Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Handelspub is the student bar (or, as the Euros would say, pub) located on the bottom floor of the business school, Handelsshögskolan. Every Wednesday night, they have fun house music and ridiculously cheap drinks and it is an all-around generally good time. That is, except, for the waiting. OH, THE WAITING. The dance floor and 25:- Leffe is an extremely alluring combination for what seems like all 30,000 students who attend U o' Gburg. I mean, I'm speaking hyperbolically, but still. You can expect to wait one to two hours before getting in the bar, which is, to say the least, frustrating. Less frustrating, though, when you're surrounded by your equally frustrated friends. At least you can make fed-up faces together and convince each other to stay "just ten more minutes" for the next few hours.

Edit: They should rename Handelspub "Toxic Ex-Boyfriend" because I went back last night to meet some people who were already inside, only to stand in line by myself for a while before turning back, both rejected and dejected. I THOUGHT YOU HAD CHANGED. A million times bitten, apparently still not shy.

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