Sunday, February 13, 2011


Melissa and I were on the tram the other afternoon, when an older man interrupted us and asked if we were studying here in Gothenburg. We said yes, and got to talking; he had lived in the United States for the past 40 years, and was here in Gothenburg just to visit family for a month or so. He had moved to the United States to attend Abilene Christian University on a soccer scholarship, and then was eventually recruited by the The Philadelphia Eagles as a kicker. He told us about his family; he has two daughters our age, one who is currently in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and the other who is studying International Relations at NYU. He was a really sweet old man, and full of great stories, and I figured that, as a former NFL player, there would have to be some information about him, right? Right!

Turns out with was Ove Johansson (that's the only picture I could find of him, Wiki says that those are his daughters), kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1977, and the man who holds the record for the longest field goal ever at an American football game, 69 yards. How cool is that? Bet he says "wuh-ter" and "beh-gull." Anyways, now I can add him to the list of celebrities with whom I've had brief run-ins. The tally continues!

And they said you couldn't stalk people without Facebook. HA.

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