Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Mac Dashboard Countdown App Whatever tells me that I will be landing in Richmond International Airport in 5 days, 17 hours, and some number of minutes and seconds, which I'm not going to bother writing out, since I'll be stuck in an endless loop of trying to keep up with the time. Futile! Anyhoo, I'm growing more excited by the day about coming back, and I thought I'd share with you the things I'm most stoked to return to to which I'm most stoked to return blah blah grammar. I'm tempted to call it a series, but let's be honest, I'll probably only do like, two posts.



This is the first thing I've ever put in a different color on this blog. That is how strongly I feel about returning to the Mid-Atlantic summer. I want to sit in a bathing suit in the baking sun and hold a cold can of Diet Coke to my neck as I watch my sunburn develop. I want to sweat again. I want to feel alive!

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