Friday, June 11, 2010

Littles Are For Hearting

Not surprisingly, Blogger's spellcheck does not recognize "littles" as a word, probably because it is not, and is a bizarre fabrication of family and insta-love created by the Greek Like system. Nevertheless, I have a little (littleface!), Hannah, who is family and who I do love dearly, probably because she is a) schmadorable, b) equally enamored with pop culture and Miley Cyrus (of course she performs for Good Morning America the weekend I'm in DC), c) makes me encouraging signs for the Chipotle Challenge (EAT! GO BIG GO!), and d) came down and hung out with me last night.

After grabbing a quick slice of pizza (one thing New York has over DC is readily available, ridiculously cheap, super delicious food), we headed to The Donut Pub in Chelsea.

I've been missing Georgetown Cupcakes quite a bit, and have been on a search for equally tasty pastries. Found them! This place was exactly what the name sounded like- a bar for sweets. We saddled up to the barstools, and were presented with what can only be described as So Many Donuts and Other Delicious Looking Things:

After Hannah and I nursed our jelly-filled and Boston Creme (respectively) donuts and coffees, we headed to Comix for the Kings of David Night of Comedy, which featured Jewish stand up comedians. Despite years of improv comedy, I had never actually been to a comedy show before, and I was not disappointed. Kelley and I said last year that we would take stand up lessons together, which never happened because neither of us had the motivation/time, but it's something I wouldn't find trying, even though I know my comedic talents work best when a) written or b) completely accidental and based in my awkward mannerisms and inability to function in certain social situations. Anyhoo, the show was hilarious, and I plan on checking out a lot more comedy while I'm here. The only catch is that it's mighty expensive; we got the tickets for $1 each thanks to Girl Scouts discounts (holler!), but were blindsided by the two-drink minimum. If we learned nothing last night, it's that age is just a number (this is the second time on this blog I've used that...idiom? adage? platitude? ugh whatever) when there are profits to be made. I had a bumpin' good time, though, and it was great to see HannahLittleFace.

Since I don't work Fridays, today begins the weekend for me. I have a few fun things planned (yes, Zoe, I made a plan for myself, don't judge me), and I can already tell it's going to be a good weekend. How? I found a prize in the bottom of my Cocoa Puffs today, and I wasn't woken up by the incessant squealing of 7-year-olds outside my bedroom window at 7 AM. Oh, happy day!

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  1. you never cease to surprise me. oh wait, no yes you do, cause you are so predictable. love you and your planning. i might be coming up to new york for a weekend in july. if not, get your butt down here. skype tonight?