Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They Could Walk...If It's Not Too Deep

On a note that is completely unrelated to this post, I am laying on my bed in front of the fan that I bought for $5 on Craigslist (only took me a cumulative 350+ blocks on the subway to get to it!), and it is glorious. I found out my apartment doesn't have air conditioning, but Craiglist always supports me when times get tough. Craig would never leave me sweaty and uncaffeineted. Right now I'm in the middle of a search for a free haircut, ride to Richmond, and, uh, job. Let's see how long the Craigslist gravy train lasts, WHEE!

Anyways, this past weekend I headed back to the great commonwealth (sic semper "state") of Virginia to visit Thomas, which was a spectacular time. The Pearces are a fun bunch, and even Luke, Thomas' 9-month-old nephew (he spent a solid amount of time reminding the family to call him Uncle Thomas, not Uncle Thom), was delightful. Also, Bettie is SCHMADORABLE,

and the cave was glorious:

A TV, an XBOX, and two computers. Tiny Computer's keyboard controls the larger computer but has its own screen? I don't know, I gave up on trying to figure out the NASA HQ set up. You can see Arrested Development playing on the TV. which became the theme of the weekend. Porter House threw an AD-themed PARTAY, so how else would we get in character and prepare for the festivities besides watching the entireties of seasons one and two? It was really and truly the only viable solution. The party was awesome, and everyone was in fine form:


Rita and GOB. "He takes his queen, and covers her in diamonds! Clubs. Club sauce! He covers her in club sauce."

Another GOB (though less illusionist-y) and George Michael. Not pictured are the tube socks which were a great touch. Also, Labant looks like he's wearing a party hat which is just incredible.

Anne, GOB, and George Michael. GOD KNOWS THEY'RE SQUINTERS.

GOB, Rita, and Anne, discussing the Ocean Walker and illusions. "Across from where?"

Someone Whose Name I Didn't Catch as Tobias Funke after he blue himself. Brilliant. That is the kind of dedication we here at Peripatetic Peanut applaud and award.

I also got to see Zoe, Steph, and Janet, who were kind enough to let us crash at their apartment Friday and Saturday night. We baked too many "chocolate chip flavored cookies," hit up Eastern Market:

Friends! Zoe was all about that lemonade, and I've never seen someone locate a food more quickly and efficiently than Thomas seeking out blueberry and Nutella crepes. Moth to the light.

and wandered through Chinatown and the National Portrait Gallery. This is a portrait of...the United States? Whatever it is, I'm excited about it SURPRISE SURPRISE:

Janet was not as excited, although I'm sure on the inside she was brimming with joy and sunshine and gumdrop bubbles:

As you can see, I was not ready to leave by the time Sunday rolled around:

Hi, I'm caving in a leopard print Snuggie and yesterday's clothes, please come again.

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