Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fact-A-Day Pt. 7

T-1 Day FACT

Gothenburg, a major port city with an extensive network of waterways and industries, was designed by Dutch architects and originally had a vast system of canals that rivaled that of Amsterdam. The canals have since been filled in, but the city remains very much dependent upon the ocean, especially for seafood. Feskekörpa, fish market, translates literally to "fish church;" the daily fish auction at 7 AM is considered a tourist attraction. As someone with a severe case of ichthyophobia, I'm a little worried about the ubiquity of fish (starting in late August, there is a Crayfish Festival, a Fermented Herring Festival, and a Salmon Festival), but also eager to finally conquer my fear. The first attempts, going to APO semiformal at the National Aquarium, proved relatively successful, so who knows? Maybe I'll be a seafood fanatic come June.

BONUS FACT: The streets of Gothenburg are heated from underneath to prevent egregious buildup of snow on the roads. This seems a lot more efficient than throwing salt on the roads at the first signs of winter weather.

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