Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been a little while since the last post, but before we go any further, it's worth a mention that AU Abroad just sent out an online survey about our experience thus far; I've had a great time, in terms of amazing people, places, and pastries, but AU Abroad, and the University of Gothenburg registrar, study counselors, exchange coordinators, etc., have been worthless. I had been excited to use the survey as an outlet for much sassiness and frustration over receiving zero help with administrative matters no many how many emails I sent, phone calls I made, or trips to various offices I took; so far I have been stranded on a dinghy in a sea of red tape, helpless against the sharks of incompetency and finger-pointing. Unfortunately, AU Abroad offered no such complaint section, and only asked what could be more useful at onsite orientation (not applicable, since it was directly run by the University of Gothenburg) and what, upon arrival, was most surprising about our host country or host institution. Trying to pick my brain for insights, not just sights, eh?

Nice try, sneaky bastards. This is what they got:

"When I left Dulles, it was 100 degrees outside. When I arrived in Gothenburg, it was 55 degrees. It's really cold here. Also, how does one go from tablespoons to grams?"

And how did I deal with the surprise?

"Bought a jacket/haven't tried to cook anything that requires exact measurements yet."

Good luck trying to use that in your promotional brochures. Suckers.

And now, for your totally applicable listening pleasure, a song about complaining by Swedish singer Lykke Li:

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  1. my answers "everything"
    how did you deal with this "i cried."