Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am currently very torn on several issues:

1) Do I want to listen to Belle & Sebastian's Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like a Peasant for the umpteenth time today, or do I want to switch to Bowie?

2) Will my linguistics professor grade this paper summary harder because I'm a native English speaker? Should I keep things simple and be marked down for apparent slacking, or should I take pride in my prowess and risk looking like a complete showoff/asshole? We're studying legal language right now, and originally I had typed that the shift from oral language to written language in the legal profession marked a "new trend in law," but then I went back and changed it to "nascent legal paradigm," but paradigm is probably the most tool word in the English language, but maybe not to Middle Aged Swedes who lived, studied, and taught in the UK for 15 years. I am straddling the barbed wire fence of being the idiot American and the pompous American.

3) Do I ever want to go back to the States? This six-hour time difference is enabling my poor study habits and it is so glorious. I keep procrastinating, and the blogs keep updating!

4) Another cup of tea: good idea? bad idea?

Edit: I just reached a level of caffeination (caffeinatedness?) where using the passive voice in a sentence about the passive voice is genuinely enjoyable.


  1. Hey. I'm too lazy to find your email address so this is how I'm choosing to communicate with you! Okay, so I have like a 13 day break at the end of October (the 22nd - 31st to be exact) and I really wanna PLAN SOME SHIT. Everyone at my school is annoying and doesn't wanna come on fun vacations with me. question to you my dear friend comes in 2 parts.

    PART I

    Would you like to join me in visiting somewhere along the lines of Amsterdam (whattup Claire let's eat pot brownies and be really chill), London (ummm boys with cute accents and pubs = my kind of night), Barcelona (hear it beautiful, nuff said), or any other place you desire?? I think at the end of my break I'm meeting my roommate in Dublin, which of course you are more than welcome to join!

    Part II

    Could I possibly come visit Sweden and stay with you? Or would you like to come to Monaco at some point during this vacay?

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA SEE YOU!! I don't know what your class schedule is like, if you could even go on any of these trips, etc. but I'm trying hard to plan it all within the next week so please get back to me asap on your thoughts!!

    love youuuuu!!!!!! :):):)

  2. Hi!

    So, Thomas is going to be here the EXACT same dates as your fall break, so I won't be able to go traveling with you that week. But! I don't have any classes from December 1-6 and then December 8-12 (+you could convince me to skip my Decemeber 7 class) , and then a completely open winter break December 14-January 18. All of those locations sound super heady and I would LOVE to come to Monaco! Or have you come here, even if I have classes! Let me know if you're free any of those dates...this might be easier over email?

    i love you and miss you dearly! see you soooooon