Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrift Store Finds, Pt. 2

Gothenburg is home to a veritable cornucopia of thrift stores and flea markets, most of which are only open on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Weekend mornings are tough, and so far no one has been able to drag themselves out of bed and make coffee at a reasonable hour and make it all the way to western Gothenburg on time. This past Saturday, however, Joy, Natsuko, and I made a vow to get some good sleep and catch the 11:02 tram. Miraculously,  we all made it, and the flea market was definitely worth the 9:30 AM wake up. Housed in some vibrantly painted warehouse, the market was such a collection of random booth and tables with people selling whatever random goods they could gather. There was a lot of commotion, a lot of old people, and a lot of thick, thick Swedish accents. I managed to ask one of the women running a booth how much an item costed, and while she understood me perfectly, I ended up giving her the wrong amount of kronor, and then had to admit that my Swedish was extremely limited. She understood.

Next, we headed from Jarntorget to Brunnsgatan to hit up another thrift store. Some second hand shops in Gothenburg are really just ridiculously expensive boutiques in disguise, but this is the closest to a Goodwill or Salvation Army that I've seen here thus far. There was a ridiculous amount of stuff, and while we only got to stay for about a half an hour before the store closed (the shop owner told us in Swedish it was going to close soon, but of course we had no idea what he was saying, so we just smiled and walked away, which caused much misunderstanding and Swedish passive-aggression of staring us down until we got the message), but we're already planning our next trip back.

I came away with some extremely heady finds: ice skates (Joy and I freaked out about being able to go ice skating whenever the urge strikes for like, a solid two hours), Swedish magnetic poetry (so much procrastination potential), a super cute headband, and some gifts for people that I cannot yet reveal. Total cost? 75 kronor. Awesome.

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

just happy to be able to put together words

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