Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Smarty Pants

The good news: it snowed today!

The bad news: I didn't bring any snow-suitable shoes to Gothenburg, because packing is hard.

The subsequent good news: Time to go boot-shopping tomorrow! I also need to get a jump start on my Global Studies paper due on Monday; I have approximately zero work here in Sweden, so when I do actually have something academic to do, I get really excited about. This is a 5-page nonsense essay on globalization and standardization and acceleration of expectations blah blah international relations, but still, it's something. I'm actually really enjoying school now that Environmental Economics has ended. Waking up at 7:30 was rough (hard knock life), and the myriad of graphs and lines and curves and economics whatever didn't help. Global Studies doesn't start until 1 PM, isn't on a Friday, and is an Erasmus class, so about 10 of my close friends are in it. Swedish is also getting better as well. Sure, I still get all Bambied out whenever the professor asks me a question or even makes eye contact with me, but I did ace my first quiz, which means that if someone were to talk to me in Swedish about the weather, our backgrounds, and other various small talk, and then either repeated themselves multiple times or wrote it down for me, I'd be able to understand and correctly respond 91% of the time. Progress!

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