Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clouds in My Coffee

I've been sporting the same thick-rimmed, rectangular-ish classes since I was a brace-faced, near-sighted spring chicken of only 15 years:

(not featured: braces. featured: ridiculously toned arms. teenage sarah, why you so hot?)
My glasses have served me well over the past six years, and we've been through a lot together. I will not list these happenings, since we then risk entering nostalgic montage territory, which is a veritable DANGER ZONE:

That clip is the samizdat. Anyways, after a long, happy life, my glasses have finally become too scratched to be even remotely useful. Wearing them is like that moment when you've put eye drops in your eyes and they haven't quite absorbed yet and you tilt your head up and everything is just a little distorted, but instead of lasting for a second or two, the feeling lasts ALL DAY LONG. So, partly out of necessity and partly out of the persistent, never-ceasing desire for adventure that defines a free and curious spirit whose proverbial thirst is quenched only by immersing oneself in new cultures, experiences, and perspectives (hahahahahahaha kidding! but how "AU Abroad" did that sound? So AU.), I decided to go 'head and switch the style up and if they hate, then let them hate, and watch the money pile up. Will you hate? Will the money pile up? This is a major life change, so obviously I need your opinions:

I crave your validation.

This post has nothing to do with traveling, study abroad, and/or peripateticness (peripateticosity? peripatetion?) other than my peripatetic parents and brother traveled all the way across the pond to a) explore and experience Europe, and b) bring me these glasses. Thanks, Haacks! Also, it's been a very slow week here in Sweden. After a delightfully sunny weekend of ballet-attending, bar-hopping, park-lounging, Varlborg-celebrating, champagne-swilling, parade-watching, tan-getting, ad hoc burger-grilling, May Day-demonstrating, and other fun springtime activities, this creature of a week has bared its fangs of ice and exhaled its frigid breaths of near-Arctic wind and unfurled its claws (from here on out, claws can be unfurled, deal with it tack så mycket) of general unpleasantness. I have taken this opportunity to catch up on all my shows, apply to a million jobs, read a book, make sushi with the gang, take more than a few naps, and eat a big ol' slice of lazy cake before class starts up again tomorrow morning. I know, right? Class while abroad? Abominable! Anyways, I guess I could write a post about eating cereal in bed while alternating between writing my final essay, making coffee, pretending I can rap along to Childish Gambino, and watching Cougar Town. It was definitely a party, a party to which pants were most certainly not invited.

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